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Are You an MEF-CECP Candidate?

The MEF-CECP certification program is open to any telecommunications professional who wants to demonstrate his or her expertise, skills and knowledge of Carrier Ethernet technologies, standards, services and applications regardless of their company’s MEF membership status.

Top 7 Categories of MEF-CECPs

  • Existing Carrier Ethernet service provider
  • Existing Carrier Ethernet network equipment manufacturer, test Equipment manufacturer
  • Local or regional service provider looking to enter the Ethernet Services and Carrier Ethernet community
  • Network Software, BSS, OSS suppliers
  • Independent network systems integrator, independent network or telecoms consultant



The MEF-CECP certification is awarded to any professional who obtains a score of 64% or higher on the exam. The 1 hour and 45 minute exam consists of 80 multiple choice questions, administered online. It covers Carrier Ethernet technology and MEF fundamentals in the following ten subject areas:

  • Carrier Ethernet Service Definitions
  • Transport Technologies
  • Access Technologies
  • Basic MEF Definitions
  • UNI & ENNI; EVC & OVC Service Attributes
  • MEF Certification Programs
  • Applications for Carrier Ethernet
  • Comparing Ethernet with other L2 and L3 Services
  • Circuit Emulation Services
  • Service OAM

The MEF-CECP is an on-line exam that can be taken upon completion of most MEF Accredited Training Provider (ATP) training sessions.

The MEF-CECP exam may also be taken on your home or work computer via the Internet in any country and at any time of the day (subject to availability). Additionally, the exam can be supervised by one of the MEF-ATPs following an approved training course.

Exam Objectives

Before attempting the MEF-CECP Exam candidates should have completed the following objectives:

  • Access Services and be able to select a specific service to meet a given application scenario.
  • Be able to describe how Service Operations, Administration and Maintenance (SOAM) techniques and tools for fault and performance management are used in Carrier Ethernet Networks.
  • List the advantages of various Carrier Ethernet access technologies given a particular use case and articulate the benefits and limitations of specific access technologies.
  • Know the precise definitions and application of UNI, EVC, OVC and ENNI in Carrier Ethernet networks and be able to describe the relationships between the MEF defined external interfaces and connections.
  • Understand UNI, ENNI, EVC and OVC service attributes and be able to explain how they are used in combination to deliver an Ethernet service to meet a specific application requirement.
  • Be able to explain the benefits of the MEF CE 2.0 Services and Equipment certification program defined defined in the CE 2.0 Certification Blueprint, and the requirements for participating in the MEF Certification programs.
  • Demonstrate mastery of key service requirements for target Carrier Ethernet service applications (wholesale access, Ethernet access to IP, mobile backhaul, retail Ethernet services) and select specific service types and capabilities to meet the requirements of a given application scenario
  • Be able to compare and position Carrier Ethernet services against layer 2 Frame Relay, IP/MPLS and TDM private line telecommunications services.
  • Understand Circuit Emulation over Ethernet and be able to describe the MEF recommendations for Ethernet services designed to carry legacy circuits over a Carrier Ethernet Network
  • Be able to explain the MEF's CE 2.0 Ethernet services and the specific documents that form the basis for the next generation of Carrier Ethernet.

MEF-CECP Exam Registration Process

  • Register on the Ethernet Academy web site (link below)
  • Payment: The cost of the exam is $350 for the first attempt, and is payable by most major credit cards or via PayPal account.
  • Schedule your online exam and proctoring

NOTE: If you are training with an MEF-ATP and taking the MEF-CECP exam immediately following your training, please consult with your MEF-ATP on their student exam registration process.

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The link below will take you to the Ethernet Academy web site where registrations are made, managed, and tracked. This link handles single and group registrations.

What You Get as an MEF-CECP

MEF-CECPs are awarded with an official MEF certificate and are listed on the on-line directory of MEF Certified Professionals on the EthernetAcademy.net website. More importantly, you get industry-wide credibility, recognition and validation of your Carrier Ethernet knowledge, experience and competency!

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