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Preparation for the MEF-CECP exam is accomplished through self study and/or training via an MEF Accredited Training Provider.

MEF Accredited Training Providers

Instructor–led training through an MEF Accredited Training Provider (MEF-ATP) is the preferred preparation method for many Carrier Ethernet professionals. This option enables more thorough yet focused coverage of the study materials, and as such can be a time saving preparation alternative for busy professionals.


The MEF has developed a network of MEF-ATPs, all of which are MEF member companies, and have been accredited by the MEF for the comprehensiveness of their Carrier Ethernet courses for the purpose of delivering MEF-CECP exam preparation classes.


Self Study

The MEF web site provides access to all MEF technical specifications and white papers which are all required reading in preparation for the MEF-CECP exam. MEF has also created the MEF Reference Wiki. The Reference Wiki includes a compilation of the MEF technical specifications and covers the essentials of Carrier Ethernet in a clear, easy to navigate format with direct links to further study materials. It also contains a gallery of diagrams used by the MEF, a glossary of terms, and a consolidated list of links to all reference documents.

Public Resources